Sunday, January 21, 2018

Yay Sunday Was Great

Of course.... I'm biased since I taught the class.  I was very happy to see a couple faces I don't see enough of on Sundays.  And.... We had a visitor float in.

Russ met him and managed to find a gi for him I think.  He explained to me that he was here for a class and Russ volunteered him to join us... but if that was a problem, he could play with the arnis folks.  I said... awesome... of course he can join us.

My initial impressions were of a relatively fit guy a little younger than me.  He said he used to do aikdio at an aikido club and that they did some judo and other stuff.

Just to get an idea what I was dealing with I made sure to do some ukemi after stretching so I could watch him.  That right there often will give you an idea of where they are at.

We started off with a back stretch.  Then I moved us to tsuki iriminage (direct version where you deflect the strike and go straight in).

Other things we did.... Tsuki sumiotoshi,  katatori nikkyo, kata hiki otoshi, ikkyo, kokyunage....etc.

I kept switching the pace of the class around.  Sometimes slowing it down to give people breaks.  The new guy had lots of difficulty with anything big and flowy.  For some of those, he sat through them. 

I felt like I had a good class because I had a whole bunch of different levels in the class and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.  At one point I had Chris and Buddy switch to something else while everyone else did the more basic techniques.  Instead of iriminage, I had them enter and get behind uke and push into the inside of the elbow and shoulder to structure them.  They were both digging it.

In the dressing room Buddy showed me something he saw during class that was interesting.  Never saw it before.  You do a shomenuchi attack.  Nage enters like he would for an iriminage, then, he controls the right arm with his right arm and his left with his left.  Sort  of was a kokyunage like thing except nage is behind uke.

I may have to play with that.


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