Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Hit The Tuesday Night Class

Peter was teaching.  The class was fine.  We started out with a series of line techniques.  Later on moving to partners for a few different techniques.

Nothing sticks out in my mind except for one technique.  Peter really likes this one.  You start by getting someone in ikkyo.  Then... you reach over uke's arm with your inside hand(hand closest to uke) and grab your own wrist.  You can then use this structure to lock up the shoulder.  Ryan was in this class and we were taking turns.  Peter looks at me and says, you can take the breakfall for this right?  I said... yes, of course.  Then Ryan took this as a go ahead to tighten it way up and do the technique with no wriggle room.  I had to breakfall at that point.

In truth when nage has this tight it feels safer.  But I could sense that Ryan isn't feeling where I was at for this.  He was just plowing ahead and would have continued regardless of whether I was ready or not.  Had I not done a breakfall, my shoulder would have been badly injured.

This is the problem I have been working to fix in the past few classes.  Ryan has no sensitivity at all.  All he knows is he puts his foot there... a hand there... and magic happens.  He among others really need to focus on developing this.

The person that came to watch my class last week (Alex) visited Mr. Mulligan.  My understanding is that the next beginner class starts some time and March so he took a registration fee and told her to come back in March.  What I'm curious is, whether we will indeed start the class or put it off if there aren't more students starting.  This is what is typically done in this dojo.  I don't agree with it but no one wants my opinion so I keep it to myself.  Would be a shame to lose her as she seemed really stoked to start after I pulled her into the class.  Hopefully we will start the class.  I don't hold much hope as we have a history of literally turning away students.  Once upon a time there were enough students to group them up.  There just aren't that many new people coming in nowadays.  So people wait for a beginners class that never starts... and eventually they go away.


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